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Our History

Since being founded in 1849 the town of Monticello has enjoyed a grand transformation from a simple frontier community to become the thriving economic and educational heart of Drew County (and beyond) it is today. During the past century-and-a-half, Union Bank & Trust Co. has grown as well; building a reputation of service to the fine people of Southeast Arkansas with integrity and distinction.
The history of Union Bank & Trust Co. begins in 1887 when “Monticello Bank” was originally chartered. By 1900 there was enough commerce in the area to warrant the creation of a second bank named “Citizens Bank of Monticello”. During 1907 as the U.S. experienced a nationwide financial panic, Monticello Bank and Citizens Bank worked together to jointly enact common sense policies that helped guarantee the safety of their customer’s accounts during a period of extreme economic crisis.
That spirit of successful cooperation was the initial catalyst for the two banks to begin working toward future growth together, and on September 15th, 1915 Citizens Bank of Monticello and Monticello Bank merged into one entity: Union Bank and Trust Co. The name “Union” reflected the solid alliance in combining the two dependable banks into the single foremost financial services provider in the area.
Today, more than 100 years after that merger - and nearly 130 years since the original banking charter was granted - the team at Union Bank & Trust continues to combine an unmatched commitment to personal service with industry leading products and features; often being the first to offer new innovations and reliable services in this area. At Union Bank & Trust Co., satisfying customer requirements is the foundation of all past success as well as the main focus for the future.
The ownership and entire team of Union Bank & Trust Co. are all local folks who are deeply invested here and passionate about this community.  We take great pride in being the leading locally owned bank dedicated to the health, safety, growth and overall success of Southeast Arkansas.
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